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The Polynesian prototype is one that is not acknowledged or recognized in the realm of sports. Polynesians are being underrepresented in collegiate sports, as male and female participants represent 0.2% of all ethnicities, at nearly 608 males and 455 females (2010 NCAA Student-Athlete Ethnicity Report). The placement of Polynesian student-athletes in higher education institutions within the United States would succor many factors influencing diversity, education, and opportunity. Priding ourselves in hard work, resilience, and culture, it is our time to show the world that we have more offer than just breath-taking beaches and tourist attractions. It is our time to prove to the world why writer, Robert Louis Stevenson referred to Polynesians as, God's best, at least God's sweetest work.

At PWS, we hope to increase the number of Polynesian student-athletes throughout the collegiate world of athletics, and preparing student-athletes for a life beyond sports.

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